Assembled 29-Spline 3rd Members For Toyota 8" Axles

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Fully Built 29-Spline 3rd Members
Fully built 29-Spline 3rd members using all new parts and ready to drop into your axle.  Third members feature top quality high-strength 29-spline ring & pinion gears and your choice of lockers.  V6 units feature larger OEM style V6 gear sets with longer pinion gear.  Each unit is setup with solid pinion spacers for long gear life.  Trail-Safe 29-spline pinion seal provided at no extra charge.  Quadruple-drilled flange covers most Pickup/4Runner and Tacoma driveshaft patterns.

Housing Ratio Spool Detroit ARB Grizzly Zip
4Cyl 4.88 304113-1-KIT 304115-1-KIT 304117-1-KIT 304119-1-KIT 304121-1-KIT
4Cyl 5.29 304114-1-KIT 304116-1-KIT 304118-1-KIT 304120-1-KIT 304122-1-KIT
V6 4.88 304098-1-KIT 304100-1-KIT 304102-1-KIT 304104-1-KIT 304106-1-KIT
V6 5.29 304099-1-KIT 304101-1-KIT 304103-1-KIT 304105-1-KIT 304107-1-KIT
High Pinion 4.88 --- 304511-1-KIT 304513-1-KIT 304515-1-KIT 304517-1-KIT
High Pinion 5.29 --- 304512-1-KIT 304514-1-KIT 304516-1-KIT 304518-1-KIT


Application Notes:  Spool lockers should only be used in rear applications.  Spools will be harder on axles than a selectable or automatic locker.  Fully built 3rd members will not fit stock Tacoma or T100 axles.
All new 3rd members require a break-in period to prevent damage from overheating. Any overloading or overheating during this periods can cause the gear oil to break down resulting in ring & pinion failure.
• After installation, drive lightly for 20-30 minutes and then allow the diff to cool for at least two hours.
• Avoid heavy throttle use during the first 500 miles.
• Do not tow a trailer during the first 500 miles.
• Change oil after 500 miles to remove any particles suspended in the oil.
This may seem unnecessary, but it is very easy to damage the differential by loading it before the gear set is completely run in. New ring & pinion gears create excess heat when they are new. This excess heat can damage the heat treatment of the gears.



  • Fully built 29-Spline 3rd members using all new parts – no used housings or internal components.
  • 29-Spline Ring & Pinion made from tool-grade 8620 steel and heat-treated for maximum strength and wear resistance.
  • Available in 4.88 & 5.29 ratios for 4-cyl, V6, & high pinion applications.
  • Your choice of spool, Detroit, ARB, Grizzly, or Zip lockers.
  • Solid pinion spacers.
  • Trail-Safe 29-Spline pinion seal provided at no extra charge.
  • Quadruple-drilled flange covers most Pickup/4Runner and Tacoma driveshaft patterns.
  • For Toyota 8” solid axles only.  Will not fit 7.5” IFS front axles.



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