Automatic Transmission Conversion Kit

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Automatic transmission conversion kit for Suzuki Samurai with 1.6 engine.

It is now easier than ever to enjoy the incredible offroad benefits of an automatic transmission when using a 1.6 engine or 1.3 with the “Lucky 13” in a Suzuki Samurai. These new kits allow you to use either the 3 speed or 4 speed 4WD automatic Sidekick or Tracker transmissions behind the 1.6 engine without their transfer case. This makes a much shorter transmission, therefore the Samurai transfer case can stay in its original position and still use a reasonable length intermediate Samurai driveshaft.

The kit includes:
Tail Shaft adapter, a universal crossmember, full circle unbreakable rear tranny mount and pre-formed side panels for the tunnel.

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Lucky 13 adapter

Lucky 13 adapter