Blank Driveline Flange

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Blank Output Flange If you are swapping out the chain-drive t-case in your Tacoma for a gear-driven t-case you are going to need a 27-spline driveline flange that matches your driveline bolt pattern. We have made a new driveline flange to suit your needs. You can drill this flange with any bolt pattern that will fit on the 4.4” diameter flange. It is available by itself or with your choice of a differential or T-case dust shield installed on the flange. Our Blank Output Flange is made from forged 5140 chromoly steel. We recommend replacing your driveline bolts when installing a new driveline flange. We carry the 10mm Pickup/4Runner driveline bolts & nuts, and we also carry the 11mm Tacoma driveline bolts and nuts. You can find them here.

Specifications Made out of forged 5140 chromoly steel The flange has a 4.4” diameter and can be drilled for any bolt pattern that will fit within the 4.4” diameter Warranty All products carry our 12 Month Limited Warranty. All warranties are limited to the original purchaser and are not transferable to subsequent owners of the product.

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