Panhard Axel Center 3" or 3.5"

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Centered Axle Panhards

These axle mounted panhard brackets are laser cut and formed in our own facility. This is our centered version for 3" and 3-1/2" axles (also available in an offset from axle center version). The mounting holes are 9/16" and have 1-1/2" spacing giving you 3" of mounting adjustment. These brackets are shipped unfinished and unwelded giving you the freedom to trim or adjust the bracket as desired.
This bracket was designed to work with ¾ inch rod ends using misalignment spacers with an inside width of 1-3/4" and a 9/16" through-hole. Comes with a weld-on reinforcement plate(s) to strengthen bracket.

Please click this link for a detailed design view of each of all Axle Panhards.

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