Power Flow 1650PSI Power Steering Pump

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Power Flow 1650psi Power Steering Pump

Trail-Gear’s new Power Flow 1650 psi pump has been designed and engineered to provide ultimate performance. The body of the pump is constructed of steel to increase reliability and decrease wear. It is also equipped with oversized bushings for high H.P. motors and applications with high pump shaft side loads. Trail-Gear’s Power Flow Pumps have one of the highest flow rates in the industry. The Power Flow pump has been endurance tested at 400°F and has a consistent steady flow across all rpm’s and will not bypass early. In addition, the Power Flow pump has heavy-duty internals and is a direct replacement for "TC" and "CB" style pumps.




  • Puts out 1,650 PSI of pressure
  • The anodized aluminum pulley on this pump is designed to fit Toyota applications
  • Each pump is bench tested to ensure quality
  • This pump is designed for use in a hydraulic ram assist application

Note: Using anything other than a power steering pulley installer to install your pulley on this pump will void the warranty. Never use ATF fluid or a semi-synthetic blend. This will void the warranty. OK to use standard power steering fluid.

Caution:  Maximum pump RPM is 7,000 RPM.  Do not drive the pump beyond 7,000 RPMs.  If you are using this pump on a custom build, you will need to calculate the correct pump pulley size to ensure you do not exceed 7,000 RPMs on the pump.  Refer to the Instruction tab for instructions on how to do this or contact Technical Support at 1.877.4X4.TOYS or 559.252.4950 or e-mail tech@trail-gear.com




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