Sidekick Tracker X90 Straight Axle Coil Spring Conversion Kit, 2 DR

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Turn your 2 Door Sidekick X90, or Geo Tracker into a serious off-road machine!   40” of articulation and great handling characteristics!  We hate to admit it but these rigs are out-performing even the “bad boy” Samurai’s.  Because this kit takes advantage of the superior strength of Toyota axles, your Sidekick, Tracker, or X-90 becomes an extremely durable, reliable TRAIL SLAYER!!!

This kit is designed around a 33” tire however, we have also used 35’s.

Available for 2 door and 4 door applications.

For Left hand drive vehicles only. Does NOT fit the Sport Edition.

2 Door
Item #SAS2-300       Price $2795.00

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 **Photo shown with custom rear driveline – optional for use with 35″ tires – add $100.00

*Requires the use of 79-85 Toyota pick up front axle  and 86-95 Toyota pick up rear axle

Fits 1989 to 1998 Suzuki Sidekick, X90 and Geo Tracker.   

From Trail Tough

UPS flat rate shipping for this kit is $250.00 within the continental USA.