Soft Shackle, DuraLine(TM), 30K

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DuraLine™ Soft Shackle

The DuraLine™ Soft Shackle is an excellent alternative to D-Ring shackles.  The minimum breaking strength of the DuraLine™ Soft Shackle is 25,000 lbs., which is over 3X stronger than the rated strength of a ¾” D-Ring shackle.  The lightweight 7/16” Dyneema SK75 construction makes this shackle light enough to float on water so it doesn’t sink while doing recoveries over water or mud.  It is flexible enough to wrap around difficult recovery points such as roll cages.  The DuraLine™ Soft Shackle is dyed red for high visibility and the one-piece construction makes dropped or lost shackle pins a thing of the past.



  • 7/16” SK75 Dyneema construction
  • Dyed Red for high visibility
  • 25,000 lb minimum breaking strength
  • Stronger than a ¾” D-Ring Shackle
  • Floats – won’t sink if dropped while doing recovery over water
  • Flexible – can wrap around difficult recovery points such as roll cages
  • One piece construction – no shackle pin to unscrew



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