SUMO II 1.6 liter 8 valve "Long Block"

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This is our Top of the line "High Performance Engine" with a SUMO II head. No One Builds a better Quality or More Powerful Engine! THIS ENGINE WILL GIVE YOU BETTER GAS MILEAGE THAN YOUR OLD WORN OUT ENGINE, IT IS GREAT ON OR OFF ROAD! WITH OUR HIGH POWER LOW END CAM, IT PRODUCES WAY MORE TORQUE & ALL AROUND HORSE POWER, YET IT WILL STILL REV HIGHER THAN MOST OTHER LARGER ENGINES. This engine works with or with out EFI and passes all smog test. The SUMO II engine also allows your Samurai or Sidekick/Tracker to run at lower rpm's in higher gears....this is great for driving on road in hills and into high wind. You will now have "Passing Power" something unheard of in a Zuk!!! New timing belt, New Oil Pump & a New Water Pump are supplied along with all the engine gaskets required to install your engine. We also include break-in information, along with tuning & timing information. As a few people have found out the hard way "even the factory service manual is wrong on several things" So~ we provide the correct info with all our engines!