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Suzuki Jimny Electric/Push-button Low Range Transfer Case Gears

Trail-Gear is proud to introduce our first set of low range gears for Jimny chain-drive transfer cases. Our Jimny low-range gears will reduce the high-range ratio of your push-button transfer case by 17% and the low-range ratio by 87%. They will greatly improve your off-road experience on Jimnys with a tire size of 29" [736mm] or higher.

This complete kit includes (4) new gears made from high-strength SCM415 alloy steel and a new speedo gear to correct your speedometer. We also include a set of our Trail-Safe™ Jimny transfer case Input/Output seals along with (3) new staking nuts and a tube of Ultra Grey RTV silicone to seal your transfer case. Detailed instructions are provided to guide you through the installation. Minor clearancing of the transfer case housing required (refer to installation instructions).

Note #1: If your Jimny has an automatic transmission, you will need to replace your transfer case chain with Suzuki t-case chain P/N 29225-84A00 (not included). Installing this gear set on transfer case from a Jimny with an automatic transmission may make your 4WD high range ratio slightly worse than your stock high range ratio. Check your stock high-range ratio before ordering this kit for a Jimny with an automatic transmission.

Note #2:  These gears are for Jimny pushbutton transfer cases only.  They will not work with Jimny manual transfer cases (planetary gear style).




  • High-strength gears made from heat-treated & carburized SCM415 alloy steel.
  • 17% (1.17:1) high-range reduction, 87% (3.74:1) low-range reduction.
  • Recommended for vehicles with tire sizes of 29" [736mm] and up.
  • New input shaft, low output gear, sprocket output gear, and counter shaft along with new speedo gear. Speedo gear calibrated for 29”-30” [736-762mm] tires.
  • Includes (3) Trail-Safe™ Jimny T-Case Input/Output oil seals and (3) staking nuts.
  • Ultra Grey RTV silicone and detailed installation instructions also provided.
  • Minor clearancing of the transfer case housing required.
  • Direct fit for push-button t-cases on manual transmission vehicles. Push-button cases from automatic transmission vehicles require Suzuki T-case chain P/N 29225-84A00 (not included).



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