Twisted TT Shift Shaft Kit

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Our Suzuki Samurai “Twisted TT” Shift systems’ advantage over previous 2 low shift options – including the “Loose H”, “Reverse S” and “Twin stick” options – is the functional center detent ball. Until now, the detent ball – which locks the 2-4 shift shaft in place once High or Low is selected has had to be removed or is non-functional. This is the cause of popping out of gear and/or random popping of the front drive when in 4WD under load. Unlike previous options, there is no difficulty finding your gear selection and positive shift positions. With true neutral as well as 2 low. Also includes the super trick ghosted billet aluminum “Twisted TT” shift knob. Shift knob is also available in 5 speed or original Transfer case shift patterns.

A stock Samurai does not have a “True Neutral”. Watch this You Tube video which demonstrates how Twisted TT offers “True Neutral” in a Samurai.   

 From Trail Tough