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Suzuki Sidekick Body Lift Kit Our Suzuki Sidekick (Tracker, X90, Vitara, and GV) body lift kit will give you 1” or 2” of lift. KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN OUR KIT AND THE COMPETITION: Our kit utilizes solid UHMW spacers that run a larger O.D. compared to other kits running a 2" O.D. The factory surface area is 3" so we like to keep the body supported as tightly as possible so that it doesn't move on the frame. The larger O.D. material covers more surface area, giving the body more support. In addition, the spacers are drilled to the size of the stud adapter eliminating excess play between the stud adapter and the spacer itself. This further ensures that once the body is securely fastened, the body is fully supported. Our washers are custom pieces made from 1/8" steel plate. We found that other kits and stock washers did not have a tight inner diameter creating too much play between the machined stud adapter and the washer itself...not something you want. While other kits are just bare steel with no plating, our washers and machined stud adapters are plated for corrosion resistance. Installs in approximately 2 hours. Perfect for fine-tuning the fit of larger tires to your vehicle or for clearing the hood with larger engine swaps. These kits are a must if you want an economical way to maximize the lift on your rig. NOTES: Kits do not include anything to raise the bumper covers, but on most vehicles, it is pretty easy to make work. Although not required, most people opt to extend their shifters for manual transmissions and transfer cases by cutting and adding in a 2" piece of steel rod. For 99+ models, you will require a steering rod extension which can be fashioned from a couple pieces of tube and longer hardware.




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